Our Mission

P.S. 340 is a neighborhood elementary school serving areas in the Village, Chelsea, Union Square and Flatiron. We support success for all of our children by focusing on inquiry (investigation and questioning) and active learning. We do this through hands-on, project based content studies in social studies and science integrated with a structured literacy program. We are dedicated to educating our children to be serious thinkers and intellectually curious students. We work in collaboration with our staff, families and community, and with the recognition and consideration of the diverse needs of our children.

We strive to develop a sense of belonging among our students

We strive to develop a sense of belonging in all children. We create an environment where children feel welcome, comfortable, valued and important. As such, we value social and emotional learning, along with academic achievement.

We recognize the importance of challenging, engaging work.

We value work that requires inquiry and perseverance, promotes intellectual curiosity, reflects the real world around us, and is based on big ideas. Our students engage in this higher-level work through the development of predictable processes, systems and structure, along with an organized environment and clear adult direction.

 We promote learning as an active process

We believe that children learn best when they are actively involved in a variety of hands-on activities that relate in some way to the real world around them. Our students use a variety of media in the arts and technology to promote active learning. We teach our students to actively reflect on, and evaluate, their own work.

 We encourage collaboration as a means to promote growth

We create a supportive, collaborative environment, recognizing that working with others, in a variety of different groupings, promotes both individual and community growth. As such, we offer social and emotional education as well as academic, and recognize and support diversity in our community.

 We communicate clearly, directly and sensitively

We clearly convey our expectations. Our communication is proactive, thoughtful and direct. Our tone is respectful, patient and professional. We take action based on understanding. We determine the best course of action through active listening, observation and the collection of information.